The general purpose of the 3rd Cosmology School in Cracow is to give an introduction to the current knowledge in cosmology, both in theory and observations. This School is intended for undergraduate, MSc and PhD students, as well as young postdoctoral researchers, interested in these fields.

The program of the school will include mini-workshops on:
  • cosmological simulations,
  • Virtual Observatory database and tools,
  • SED fitting.
  • Cosmological parameters after PLANCK
  • Cosmic Web
  • Star formation, dust attenuation
  • Modeling galaxy SEDs
  • Galaxy evolution
  • Galaxy clusters
  • Cosmological simulations
  • Virtual Observatory
  • X-ray universe
  • Cosmology from weak lensing
  • Cosmic magnetic fields
  • Radio universe
  • Dust in galaxies
  • Conceptual foundations and issues in cosmology
  • Workshop on Virtual Observatory
  • Agnieszka Pollo (NCBJ/UJ)
  • Janusz Krywult (UJK)
  • Marek Jamrozy (UJ)
  • Michał Chodorowski (CAMK PAN)
  • Małgorzata (Goha) Bankowicz
  • Agnieszka Kurcz
  • Tomasz Kundera
  • Aleksander Herzig
  • Tobiasz Górecki
  • Magdalena Krupa
The meeting place: Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian Univeristy in Cracow.