dr Mariusz Tarnopolski (ORCiD)
tarnopolski [ at ] oa.uj.edu.pl; mariusz.tarnopolski [ at ] uj.edu.pl
OA UJ, room 11 (old building)

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Research interests:
gamma-ray bursts (statistical analyses)
time series analysis (self-affinity)
theory of chaos, nonlinear dynamics and fractal geometry applied to various astronomical systems (oblate satellites' rotation, close binary systems, pulsars, cosmic rays, celestial distributions of objects, filaments)
high energy astrophysics
⚫ symbolic programming (Mathematica)

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"The beautiful thing about a statistical analysis is that,
when done right, it includes the odds of being incorrect."


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Conference proceedings:
Periodicity Analysis of Mrk 501 and Mrk 421 in Gamma Rays / (.pdf), Proceedings of the 37th International Cosmic Rays Conference (ICRC2021), Berlin (Germany), 12-23 July 2021; Proceedings of Science, 395, 879, 8 pp., 2021; R. Iotov et al.
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Analysis of the duration–hardness ratio plane of gamma-ray burst with skewed distributions / (.pdf), Proceedings of the 12th INTEGRAL conference, Geneva (Switzerland), 11-15 February 2019; Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana, 90(1-2), 45, 4 pp., 2019

Under review/submitted:

Modeling the price of Bitcoin with geometric fractional Brownian motion: a Monte Carlo approach (arXiv)

Selected presentations (.pdf):
Chaotic rotational dynamics of Hyperion
Nonlinear time series analysis of Hyperion’s lightcurves (...or why are butterflies evil beings)
Analysis of Fermi GRB T90 distribution (extended version)
Jeans instability criterion modified by external tidal field
IRS 13E: czy w centrum Galaktyki znajduje się druga czarna dziura?

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