PhD Student Seminars

Seminars are held on zoom.
Non PhD students intending to join any seminar are requested to receive authorization from the seminar head at least one day in advance.

2020/2021 Academic Year

I Semester

9 X First meeting and discussion on future presentations
16 X Short presentations from astro-ph
23 X Sagar Sethi
Intermediate Mass Black Holes(IMBH)
30 X Angel Noel
A Two-zone Photohadronic scenario for EHBL like behaviour of Mrk 501:arXiv
Subhrata Dey
Interacting galaxies: co-rotating and counter-rotating systems with tidal tails
6 XI Aditya Narendra
Zipf's Law
Syed Umair
Standing waves in general relativity
13 XI Sagar Sethi
Discovery of 25 new GRGs from NVSS
Syed Umair
Gravity and Waves of spacetime
20 XI Piotr Guzik
Phosphine gas in the stmosphere of Venus

27 XI Sagar Sethi
Jumping out of fundamental plane of black hole activitys
Agnieszka Mirocha
A Systematic TMRT Observational Study of Galactic 12C/13C Ratios from Formaldehyde
4 XII Piotr Guzik
Mysteries of interstellar guests in the solar system
11 XII Arpita Misra
3D Hydrodynamic Simulations of Large Scale Precessing Jets: Radio Morphology
18 XII Emily Kosmaczewski
A look at the Principal Component Analysis of polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon emission in NGC 2023

8 I Jula Milady
Stars in Radioastronomy

15 I Syed Naqvi
Physics behind "Interstellar" movie

22 I
Discussions on challenges in astronomy

29 I Arpita Misra
Origin Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
Syed Umair
EM radiation coupled to Gravity and PVLAS experiment: measuring vaccum magnetic bierefringence
5 II Unnikrishnan Sureshkumar
Tracing galaxy environment using marked correlation function in GAMMA

12 II Ania Wojtowicz
Estimating the ambient medium density around radio galaxies

19 II Jula Milady
Breakup of a long period comet as the origin of dinosaur extinction
26 II Subhrata Dey
The physical properties of local (U)LIRGS: A comparision with nearby early and late type galaxies

Semestr II

5 III Barbara Handzlik
Characterizing the Manx Candidate A/2018 V3
Syed Umair
Constraints on cosmic strings using data from third LIGO-Virgo observing run
12 III
Work Progress Report
19 III Unnikrishnan Sureshkumar
Paper Review: Halo-model analysis of clustering of photometric luminous red galaxies from the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey
26 III Emily Kosmaczewski
DC314.8-5.1, research update and overview of molecular clouds
Syed Umair
Short : PyCBC for GW Data Analysis
9 IV Mariia Bilinska
Summary of four year PhD work

16 IV Angel Noel
Extreme Blazars

23 IV
Discussion on Astrophysical Problems

7 V Syed Umair
Eccentricity and GW Searches

21 V Dominika Krol
Symmetric Achromatic Variability in Active Galaxies

28 V Aditya Narendra

Mateusz Ralowski
Active Galaxy Nuclei catalog from the AKARI NEP Wide field
11 VI Arpita Misra
Science at Low Frequency
25 VI Unnikrishnan Sureshkumar
Tracing galaxy environment with galaxy properties in the GAMA Survey