Michał Drahus

Hi, and welcome to my homepage!
I'm an astronomer and a SONATA BIS group leader (National Science Centre) at the Jagiellonian University (Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science) in Krakow, Poland. My research is focused on comets and other small objects in the Solar System, investigated with modern tools of observational astronomy across all wavelengths.
Contact information:
Astronomical Observatory • Orla 171 • 30-244 Krakow • Poland
email: drahus[at]oa.uj.edu.pl • phone: +48-12-623-8627

*** news and updates ***

25-11-2022Interested in joining our group? A short-term (6 months) student position is currently open with an application deadline on 9 December 2022. More information available on request.
07-11-2022Major update of this website. Enjoy!
11-07-2022Telescope time award: 14 hours of ESO/VLT time to observe the next interstellar object via imaging (FORS2) and spectroscopy (X-shooter) under ESO Program 110.24C5 (PI: P. Guzik). This ToO monitoring program extends over ESO Periods 110, 111, 112, and 113 (October 2022 - October 2024).
21-06-2022Telescope time award: 16 orbits of Hubble time to observe the next interstellar object in the UV (combined STIS and COS spectroscopy) under HST Program GO 17213 (PI: M. Drahus). This ToO long-term program extends over HST Cycles 30 and 31 (October 2022 - October 2024).
15-06-2022Telescope time award: 14 hours of Gemini South time to observe the next interstellar object via GMOS imaging and spectroscopy under Gemini Program GS-2022B-Q-215 (PI: P. Guzik).