Patagonia Station for Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Measurements

Patagonia Station was located in Rio Gallegos in Patagonia (Argentina) in 2016. It was assembled at the JU Astronomical Observatory. It is used together with Hylaty Station and Hugo Station, to measure electromagnetic waves of extremely low frequencies (0,03 to 300 Hz).

This construction is a third step towards creating a worldwide network of such stations, which allows for real-time online measurements everywhere on the planet.

The station is placed underground at the geographic location 51.5S, 69.3W. We installed a new wideband receiving system, ELA10. It is equipped with improved antennas AAS1130 with a frequency bandwidth of 400 Hz. These antennas are equipped with magnetic field testing sources that enable automatic control of the sensitivity for the ELA10 receiver.

The installation was carried out in collaboration with Argentina partner institution- The National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina.

The International Team from JU and AGH (Poland) and CONICET (Argentina)