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Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University


Cracow Observatory Photo Gallery

Bird's-eye view of the Cracow Astronomical Observatory. The picture shows two office buildings in the front, two radio telescopes on the left and five domes around the old Austrian fort. In the distance lies Kryspinów village and lakes.
The so called 'big' radio telescope. On the picture you can see a parabolic 15 m diameter dish. The telescope is designed for observations on decimeter wavelengths. Currently used by students.
Another view of the big telescope with the piece of landscape.
The same radio telescope. In the distance, on the right, you can see the Camedule Monastery.
The so called 'small' radio telescope - 8 m of diameter. The brand new construction that replaced recently one of the oldest radio telescopes in the world (built in 1957). This instrument is devoted to radio observations of the Sun in the range 400-1800 MHz.
One of the five domes, hosting a small optical telescope, a 30 cm Maksutov.

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