Astronomical Observatory ZRiFK


The Department of Radioastronomy and Cosmic Physics is a unit within the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University which coordinates research and teaching duties of its members.

Research focuses on:

  • observations and modelling of magnetic fields in galaxies and cluster of galaxies
  • numerical MHD simulations of galaxies
  • theoretical investigations of primordial magnetic fields and fields on the largest cosmic scales

Observational investigations are based on projects performed with the largest radioastronomy instruments in the world (e.g. JVLA (photo, credit NRAO), LOFAR, GMRT, 100-m telescope in Effelsberg, etc.).

We coordinated a project of POLFAR consortium to build three Polish stations of LOFAR. One station in Łazy (20 km from Kraków) is now operated by us and used for daily observations with other LOFAR antennas.

Every few years we organise in Kraków international scientific conferences on magnetic fields:

We are also passionates in teaching end education. Various radioastronomy projects for amateurs, teachers and their pupils are undertaken (EUHOU).