Astronomical Observatory ZRiFK


An email address is constructed of the initial character of the first name and the first part of the surname with the domain part added:, eg. John Doe Do not use polish diacriticals in emails.

Phone numbers

All phone numbers listed are extension phone numbers. Calling from outside Observatory one needs to use an international prefix (optional - outside Poland), the Observatory number 48 12 6238 ... with the following number.

  • dr hab. Krzysztof Chyży
    tel: 641
  • prof. Marek Urbanik
    tel: 623
  • prof. nadz. Katarzyna Otmianowska-Mazur
    tel: 635
  • dr hab. Grażyna Siemieniec-Oziębło
    tel: 634
  • dr hab. Marian Soida
    tel: 654
  • dr Stanisław Ryś
    tel: 628
  • mgr Jacek Knapik
    tel: 638