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Marian Soida


Hi! Welcome to my page located at Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University. I am working here as a scientist at an adiunct position. I have lectures and classes for our students of astronomy. My scientifical activities concern around interstellar medium with particular emphasis on magnetic field there. My duties include taking care of our computing facilities as well, but do not blame me if something is not working here ;). All my free time I share among my family and my favorite activity - walking somewhere in the mountains (or at least hilly countryside).


  • radio observations of nearby galaxies using VLA and 100m Effelsberg telescopes (and others)
  • modelling of magnetic field in galaxies
  • list of grants
  • other activities
  • publication list (link to ESO ADS)

Private life

I am married (since 1988) with Dorota and we have one son MichaƂ - born in 1993. My wife is creating a company for management consulting and coaching. She is crazy about horses and so with her friends she has established Natural Horsmanship Society.

I personally like walking in non-flat environment including climbing, skiing, exploring caves and any other mountain activity - at amateur level, though. Some results of these you can (hopefully) enjoy while visiting my photo gallery - unfortunately only since I bought my first digicam.

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