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Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University


Authorities of the Institute - Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University

The institute authorities consist of the Directory Board and the Observatory Council. Any informations can be reached at the secretary office.

One can contact the secretary office via email: sekretariat (add @oa.uj.edu.pl), or phone: 12 6238 629.

All phone numbers listed are extension phone numbers. Calling from outside Observatory one needs to use an international prefix (optional - outside Poland +48), the Observatory prefix number 12 6238, and the extension number.
An email address is constructed of the initial character of the first name and the first part of the surname with the domain part added: oa.uj.edu.pl, eg. I.Name@oa.uj.edu.pl. Do not use polish diacriticals in emails.

Directory Board of OA UJ
dr hab., prof. UJ Marian Soida  
  Director phone: 654
dr hab., prof. UJ Marek Jamrozy  
  Deputy Director phone: 658
Institute Council of OA UJ
Permanent Members
dr hab. Anna   Barnacka  
prof. dr hab. Krzysztof   Chyży  
dr hab. Zdzisław   Golda  
dr hab. Arti   Goyal  
dr hab., prof. UJ Marek   Jamrozy  
dr hab. Dorota   Kozieł-Wierzbowska  
dr hab., prof. UJ Jerzy   Krzesiński  
dr hab. Agnieszka   Kuźmicz  
prof. dr hab. Grzegorz   Michałek Head
dr hab., prof. UJ Marian   Soida  
dr hab., prof. UJ Łukasz   Stawarz  
dr hab., prof. UJ Sebastian   Szybka  
dr hab. Wacław   Waniak  
prof. dr hab. Stanisław   Zoła  
Retired Professors and non full-time employees
prof. dr hab. Jerzy   Machalski  
prof. dr hab. Michał   Ostrowski  
prof. dr hab. Marek   Urbanik  
Other staff representatives
mgr Franciszek   Humieja Ph.D. students
mgr Dominika   Król Ph.D. students
mgr Tomasz   Kundera technical staff
  Patryk   Liniewicz students
dr Szymon   Sikora scientific staff
dr Marek   Weżgowiec scientific staff
      vacat students
      vacat students