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Błażej Nikiel-Wroczyński


I am pleased to welcome you at my staff page at the website of the [Department of Radio Astronomy and Space Physics] ( of the Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University. I am a scientific assistant - this means that my duties include research and organisation (of whatever is needed), but not teaching. My field of interest is observational radio astronomy and polarimetry - especially studies od compact galaxy systems, and, to some, extent, Tidal Dwarf Galaxies (TDGs). I am a member of the LOFAR-MKSP, and the MeerKAT MIGHTEE Polarization WG, but I also frequently work with the JVLA, GMRT, Effelsberg and Torun data. Additionally, I serve as a representative of research fellows at the Institute Council of the Astronomical Observatory, at the [Faculty Board of the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science] (, and the [Senate of the Jagiellonian University] ( You can find more details in the sections below, and on my private website (if I ever find time and will to complete it...) Some more data can be found in my [professional CV] (link-to-the-CV) (it is not professional in the way I made it, it just doesn't contain any useless information, like hobbies, sports, or which type of D&D demons I like the most).

Scientific interests

  • multifrequency radio studies of compact galaxy groups and pairs
  • polarimetry and Rotation Measure Synthesis of intergalactic, magnetised structures
  • statistical studies of low-frequency radio emission from nearby galaxies
  • TDGs: especially how many of them can be magnetised ones?
  • publication list (link to ESO ADS)

Non-scientific interests

I am interested in virtually any entity that happens to be within my reach, especially if it can be dismantled to find out how does it work. I am also very fond of horses, but this is most probably a non-isomorphic relation. I spend most of my free time dismantling grasped objects (in inefficient attempts to fix, or upgrade them), trying to convince encountered horses of my good intentions (also inefficiently), or enjoying any kinds of E-Sports, where chaos and disorder can be induced (this time my attempts are successful, but not neccesarily does it help when considering the grandeur scheme of things).

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