Electronic proceedings of the Polish-German WE Heraeus Seminar
"The Variable Multi-Messenger Sky"

Kraków, November 7-11, 2022

M. AckermannTransients with Fermi-LAT
A. BarnackaGravitational lenses as high-resolution telescopes
A. BartkiewiczAn overview about masers in high-mass star-forming regions, a need for high quality counterpart data
M. BejgerBlack holes and neutron stars studied in gravitational waves
G. BhattaGamma-ray emission from blazars
S. CasanovaHAWC and LHAASO results, including the variable sources
D. ChampionTransients in the dynamic radio sky
S. GillessenGeneral relativistic effects around the galactic center black hole
M. GromadzkiNew types of transients in the era of all-sky surveys
J. HintonTransients with HESS
W. HofmannThe variable multi-messenger sky: Opportunities, challenges, tools
P. HomolaUltra-high energy photons: Chapter (not yet) closed?
E. KosmaczewskiA multiwavelength view of the dark globule, DC 314.8-5.1
S. KozłowskiThe optical variability of AGN
D. KrólGravitational microlensing events in the optical lightcurve of active galaxy S5 0716+714
A. MarkowitzContinuum variability in AGN
D. MeyerCore collapse supernova remnants
M. MeyerProbing the intergalactic magnetic field through gamma-ray observations with the Fermi LAT and H.E.S.S.
S. A. MuellerResolving the variable sky of gamma-rays at one Giga electron Volt in more detail by advancing the atmospheric Cherenkov-method
K. NalewajkoMagnetic reconnection in application to relativistic jets of active galaxies
J. NiemiecElectron injection at shocks in merging galaxy clusters
A.P. NoelX-ray intraday variability of Markarian 421
C. PfrommerElectron and proton acceleration at supernova remnant shocks
M. PohlHigh energy neutrinos
R. PrinceSignificant detection of quasi-periodic oscillation in gamma-ray blazar
S. PustelnyGlobal network of optical magnetometers as new channel for multimessanger astronomy
S. ReuschOptical follow-up of icecube neutrinos with the AMPEL platform
B. RevillePArticle acceleration at ultra-relativistic shocks
E. RosMapping magnetic fields around supermassive Black Holes
G. SiglProbing possible Lorentz invariance violations with high energy cosmic particles
M. SniegowskaTheories of changing look phenomena
L. StawarzConstraining models for particle acceleration by the variability analysis of relativistic jets
A. SzaryFRBs - a short review
M. TarnopolskiStatistical methods for variability studies
T. ThomasCosmic ray hydrodynamics: Theory, galactic winds, and non-thermal filaments
A. TimokhinRecent advances in understanding pulsar emission mechanisms
A. WierzcholskaIs PKS 2155-304 the most exceptional VHE blazar?
L. WyrzykowskiStudying the population of galactic black holes with microlensing
M. ZachariasCTA 102 -- year over year receiving you
A. ZdziarskiJets in black-hole binaries